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Still Don't Have A Food Safety Manager In Your Hospitality Or Food Service Business?

Still don’t have a Food Safety Manager in your Hospitality / Food Service business?

  At Andy, we are in direct contact with hundreds of businesses in the hospitality…

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Keeping Track Of Food Safety Records With Andy

Efficient Hygiene Tracking with Andy: Revolutionising Food Safety Records

  In today's competitive hospitality and food service landscape, maintaining impeccable hygiene is a non-negotiable. …

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Food Safety In Hotels

Food Safety in Hotels: The Restaurant as a Driver of Growth

  Stating that the hotel industry was severely affected during the era of lockdowns and…

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What Is A Control Sample

What is a “Control Sample” and Why Is It Important for Your Business’ Traceability?

  Have you heard of the term "Control Sample"? No? In that case, keep reading!…

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Better Food Safety Practices in your Hospitality Business = Less Waste!

  Have you ever considered the connection between food safety in your hospitality or foodservice…

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Pest Control In Restaurants and Food Services Businesses: How can Andy Help?

  It goes without saying that a pest infestation in a restaurant can have devastating…

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Food Safety for Pregnant Women: Questions Your Clients Ask Before Dining at Your Restaurant/Foodservice Business

  Running a restaurant, a chain of restaurants, or any food service business today requires…

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10 Questions to Ask before Investing in Food Safety Software

  Are you thinking about taking the BIG step in food safety? Do you see…

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Is HACCP compulsory in all European countries?

  If you own or manage a hospitality and/or food service business, you are already…

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Elevating Decision-Making with Digital Food Audits

  Digital food audits - like those available from the Andy App - are a…

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Food Safety Labels 101: Understanding the Essentials of Safe Food Labelling

  While creating mouthwatering dishes that truly delight our customers is key, their health and…

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Handling Ground Beef Safely: Food Safety in Burger Joints

  Burger joints have become emblematic of American culinary culture everywhere in the world. The…

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