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Cleaning, hygiene, and disinfection protocol compliance

Make sure all your action plans are accomplished with Andy

Monitor what is pending to clean at all times.

With Andy both your supervisors and employees can easily control the cleaning of your locations.

  • Cleaning and hygiene checklists
  • Signature, checks, and many other verification formats
  • Monitor who completes the tasks

Review your hygiene and cleaning protocols instantly

Hygiene and cleaning protocol steps to follow can become clear visual tasks and information for your employees.

  • Quick access to digitised protocols
  • Train new employees
  • Adapt your protocols to circumstances
  • Promptly inform your employees

Integrate task verification for thorough oversight

Integrating verification into your hygiene and cleaning protocol tasks with Andy, will give you more control.

  • Tasks with verification
  • Monitor who verifies each task
  • Real-time follow-up
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