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Automatic corrective action plans with Andy

Digitally automating all your corrective action plans gives you great benefits

Incidents are solved more quickly

Incidents and nonconformity shall be resolved quickly with Andy’s programmable automatic responses and improved coordination.

  • Initiate automatic corrective action plans
  • Guide your team’s actions
  • Attach photographs
  • Improve coordination

Corrective Actions plans triggered instantly

It is vital to resolve incidents with accountability and correct actions. Andy helps your employees solve the situation with confidence.

  • Trigger different corrective action plans
  • Temperatures out of range automatically alerted
  • Give employees recommendation on how to proceed

Instant notifications on the actions taken at your location.

With Andy you can manage your locations in real time with automatic alerts, helping you resolve any problem quickly and efficiently.

  • Know the state of any action
  • Receive important alerts
  • Find the photo that you need as evidence on how to act
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