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Preventive Maintenance Plan

Increase profitability with an efficient preventive maintenance plan

Plan your tasks with automation tools

You may customise planned maintenance tasks for each location with Andy.

  • Program tasks with the desired frequency
  • Monitor the maintenance states
  • Plan differently according to each location

Be certain that your preventive maintenance plans are followed

No matter the frequency of the task (daily, weekly, monthly, etc) Andy will remind you!

  • Constant reminders until the task is done
  • Quick access to Instruction manuals
  • Issue incidents when necessary

Instantly review the information you need

Andy will guide you through the needed steps and ensure your task compliance, which will improve the life-span of your machinery.

  • Keep your manuals updated
  • Verify that your maintenance plans are followed
  • Identify the machinery with most incidents
  • Decide with confidence whether to repair or replace
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