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Food Safety Software for Hotels

And exceptionally intuitive and user-friendly solution, Andy App can be seamlessly integrated within hours in your food safety processes, demanding minimal employee training.

  • Eliminate human errors!
  • Ensure the traceability of your ingredients
  • Streamline food safety inspections
  • Digitally oversee your food safety processes remotely, eliminating the need for on-site visits
  • Save up to 328 worked hours per kitchen per year!
Digitalización de la seguridad alimentaria para hoteles

Food Labelling in Hotel Kitchens

Quick food labelling with Andy brings more agility and security to the tedious food labelling processes in your hotels’ kitchen/s.

  • Add, remove, and update products with ease
  • Print multiple labels at once
  • Personalise your labels according to your production
  • Automated primary and secondary expiry date calculation
Etiquetado de caducidades para grupos hoteleros
APPCC digital para cocinas de hotel

Digital HACCP Software for Hotel Kitchens

Manage all your HACCP records in a fraction of the time, streamlining food safety processes across all kitchens in your hotels.

  • Save the valuable time your teams spend controlling critical points,
  • Establish self-controls and audits that ensure your food safety processes,
  • Maintain the trust and loyalty of your customers in the long run.

Automated Incident Management for Hotels

Eliminate the problems and headaches associated with incident management, ensuring food safety for all your customers

  • Initiate the relevant corrective plan automatically
  • Provide guidance to your employees in addressing incidents
  • Receive timely alerts for incidents upon deviation detection
  • Track interventions and incident resolution in real-time
  • Conduct thorough incident analysis to contribute to continuous improvement, enhancing the efficiency of incident response protocols in institutional catering environments.
Gestión de Incidencias para hoteles

Andy guides and supports your teams in their daily food expiry labelling, HACCP, maintenance, and auditing tasks, ensuring the traceability and safety of your hotel’s customers

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