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Food Safety Software for Institutional Catering

Ultra intuitive and user-friendly, Andy can be implemented within hours, requiring minimal employee training.

  • Goodbye human errors!
  • Control the traceability of your ingredients
  • Facilitate food safety inspections
  • Digitally control your food safety processes remotely without the need to travel between stores
Digitalización de la seguridad alimentaria para colectividades

Food Safety Labelling Software for Institutional Catering

With Andy’s fast labelling tool, your team can efficiently generate accurate and compliant food labels, at least twice as fast as manually!

  • Add, remove, and update products with ease
  • Print multiple labels at once
  • Customise your labels according to your production
  • Automatically calculate primary and secondary expiration dates
Etiquetado de caducidades para la restauración colectiva
APPCC digital para la restauración colectiva

Digital HACCP for Institutional Catering 

Manage all your HACCP records in a fraction of the time, streamlining food safety processes across all your establishments.

With Andy’s HACCP management tool, you can efficiently handle Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP), ensuring compliance and enhancing the overall safety protocols of your facilities.

  • Save the significant time your teams lose by manually monitoring critical points,
  • Establish self-checks and audits that ensure your food safety processes,
  • Maintain long-term trust and loyalty from your customers.

Digital Incident Management for Institutional Catering

Swiftly address and resolve issues that may arise during food service operations while ensuring compliance with safety standards, minimising disruptions, and upholding outstanding quality of service.

  • Activate the appropriate corrective plan automatically
  • Guide employees in their actions to resolve incidents
  • Receive incident alerts as soon as there’s a deviation
  • Real-time tracking of interventions and resolution of incidents,
  • Detailed incident analysis, contributing to continuous improvement and enhancing the efficiency of incident response protocols in institutional catering settings.
Gestión de Incidencias para la restauración colectiva

Andy guides and supports your teams in their daily labelling, HACCP management, hygiene checklists, auditing, maintenance, incident prevention and much more, ensuring traceability and the safety of the people who deposit their trust in your educational institutions, hospitals, nursing homes, etc.

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