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Unify your operations with Spain’s leading Food Service digital assistant

  • Digitize your HACCP and food labeling operations,
  • Eliminate wasteful use of paper
  • Comply with your legal requirements,
  • Control the food safety of all your establishments,
  • Save costs
  • Improve your productivity,
  • On and offline

These leading food service and hospitality brands trust Andy

Centralize all your processes, comply with the law and save 328 hours per location every year with Andy

Discover everything Andy can offer your organization.

All in one

Unify your processes with ANDY and integrate it with other tools to facilitate a single and simple access to your team.

Meets your legal requirements

Ensure your legal compliance by having your records ready for a potential inspection and carry out regular equipment audits to identify those areas that need to be optimized.

Reduce costs

Eliminate manual labeling, boost your productivity, and reduce human errors and incidents with a digital assistant that proposes faster and less expensive action and reaction plans.

What type of food businesses is Andy beneficial for?

Restauracion Organizada

Large Food Retail

Restaurant chains, franchises, fast food, fast good, and similar businesses with more than 5-10 establishments.

Community food services

Food providers for schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, residences for the elderly, and other collectives.



Supermarkets of all sizes and styles offering butcher, fishmonger, and prepared meals services to their clients.

Hotel groups

Hotel chains offering quality gastronomic experiences to their customers all year round.


Incorporating the digital assistant Andy into your food service operations means you are not working with a distant software provider only interested in signing you up and profiting from you.

The team at Andy walks hand in hand with you from the very beginning assisting you in setting up, implementing and training processes, and through every step of the way.

That’s the way Andy is Spain’s favorite food service digital assistant!

Our partners’ experience

“With Andy in all its kitchens, our brand of restaurants VIPS have a powerful digital assistant to help with all labelling operations. Given the amount of ingredients in our menus, Andy facilitates enormously all the labeling, food safety and quality control tasks.”

María José, Quality Director, Alsea Europe.

“Controlling all our records digitally and with the data provided by Andy, we can better understand how our restaurants work and improve on the areas identified by the digital audits.”

Cristina, Head of Quality at Grupo Tragaluz.

The digital assistant that guides your team while you stay in control

Andy becomes a member of your team, making sure that everything works 100%.

  • Records and checklists
  • Cleaning and hygiene plans
  • Digital HACCP
  • Corrective plans
  • Maintenance plans
  • Food labeling

Andy allows you to see what happens in all your establishments, in real time:

  • Instant information
  • Important notifications
  • Alerts in case of discrepancy
  • Data analysis to help you in your decisions making process

With Andy, you and your team can easily work from all your stores from your Android devices, Windows and Google Chrome – on and offline!

  • Easily consult operational information in manuals, recipe videos, and other types of format,
  • Record and follow up on any type of incidents pertaining to machinery, methodology, etc., minimizing “down time”, stress and unnecessary expenses,
  • Eliminate paperwork by digitizing all HACCP processes and any other type of record,
  • Print expiration labels,
  • And much more, now, on and offline!

The most user-friendly and intuitive Control Panel on the market!

Designed exclusively for the food sector and continuously updated from the feedback of your colleagues in the field to optimize your work, ANDY’s Control Panel allows you to:


Compare your establishments, save time, and make smarter, more informed decisions.


Evaluate the performance and execution of your plans and reward the best operating establishments.


Modify the content, adapt the work plans to each establishment and generate reports in real time.

Find out why Andy is the leading digital assistant of the Spanish hospitality industry!

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