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Streamline incident tracking, resolution, and prevention in restaurants and foodservice businesses

with Andy’s cutting-edge digital incident management software

Incident Prevention is the key to a safer food environment

Andy’s Incident Management Tool empowers you and your teams to adopt a proactive stance on food safety.

  • Identify potential hazards, implement corrective actions, and mitigate risks before they escalate into incidents.
  • Prioritise prevention and protect your customers, staff, and brand reputation.

Seamless Incident Tracking and Resolution

With Andy’s Digital Incident Management Tool, tracking and resolving incidents becomes effortless.

  • Monitor incident progress in real-time
  • Assign responsibilities and give employees recommendations on how to proceed
  • Trigger different corrective action plans and track resolution steps
  • Automatically alert when temperatures are out of range 

Incident Management Tool – Just one facet of Andy’s Food Safety Software Suite.

Empower your team with the right tools and prioritise safety with Andy, the ultimate food safety partner.

From HACCP compliance to food labelling, auditing and real-time monitoring, our platform empowers you with end-to-end control over all your food safety procedures.

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