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Complete checklists 3 times faster with effective management

Plan tasks, automise and get the job done

Get rid of paper

Paper will become a thing of the past as you digitise your logs and checklists with Andy. This way, all your records and documents will be readily accessible and organised.

  • Digitise your logs and checklists
  • Automatise your action plans
  • Get inspiration from our templates
  • Access everything in real time though Alex Control Panel

Ensure that your action plans are followed correctly

With Andy’s integrated smart planning and assisted guidance your action plans shall be followed to perfection.

  • Planned tasks per shift or time frames
  • Know who completes each task
  • Check when logs are filled
  • Monitor why tasks have not been completed

Supervise in real-time

You will have consistently updated data available for your evaluation and comparison to help you make smarter choices through Andy Control Panel.

  • Review all logs recorded instantly
  • Receive automated issued incident alerts
  • Compare locations
  • No need to claim documents
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