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Revolutionise your Kitchens’ Food Safety Protocols with Andy’s HACCP Software: 

Real-time Monitoring, Digital Food Safety and Hygiene Checklists, and Customisable Templates for Enhanced Compliance

Real-time Monitoring

Ensure Compliance with Ease

Effortlessly monitor critical control points in real-time, ensuring that your restaurant consistently adheres to food safety standards.

Enjoy peace of mind with instant alerts and notifications for proactive risk management.

  • Real-time monitoring of critical control points
  • Instant alerts for potential deviations
  • Proactive risk management for enhanced food safety compliance
  • Trigger Corrective Action Plans
  • Compliance with local legislation guaranteed
  • Smart food safety self-auditing

Digital HACCP Checklists

Efficient Compliance at Your Fingertips

Transform your restaurant’s HACCP procedures with Andy’s digital food safety and hygiene checklists.

Easily manage and document compliance tasks, reducing paperwork and streamlining your food safety processes for maximum efficiency.

  • Streamlined HACCP procedures: temperature recording, acceptable temperature ranges, monitoring frequency,  digital HACCP checklists, etc.
  • Effortless management and documentation of compliance tasks and Corrective Actions Plans
  • Reduction of paperwork for improved operational efficiency
  • Easy HACCP record digital safe-keeping

Customisable Templates

Tailored Solutions for Your Unique Needs

Experience the flexibility of customisable templates, allowing you to adapt Andy’s HACCP software to your restaurant and/or food service business’ specific requirements.

Tailor procedures, checklists, and compliance measures to ensure a personalised and effective food safety management system.

  • Stay ahead of changing regulations by easily adapting procedures to meet new compliance standards.
  • Tailor procedures to address industry-specific challenges, whether you operate a fine dining establishment, a fast-food chain, or a catering service.
  • Effortlessly incorporate feedback and insights into your HACCP procedures, allowing for continuous improvement and refinement based on evolving safety requirements and industry best practices.

Digital Temperature Logs

Complete temperature checks faster than ever!

Instantly record temperature data, increasing employee efficiency and productivity, staying fully compliant without sacrificing speed, and ensuring your operation never misses a beat!

  • Get automated temperature notifications, keeping you informed of any deviations from critical limits.
  • Centralise all temperature readings with easy accessibility in just two clicks, streamlining your data management.
  • Customise tasks according to your team’s workflow and assign them seamlessly to team members.
  • Stay organised with pre-built checks, effortlessly managing essential tasks and deadlines.

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