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The most efficient labelling to guarantee food traceability

Control shelf life and keep a unique traceability system with Andy

Label with more food safety

Having quicker food labelling through Andy can give you more agility and safety in the food labelling process.

  • Add, update, and delete products easily
  • Print several labels at once
  • Customise your labels according to production
  • Automatically calculate shelf life

Customise all the labelling process to your needs

Labelling with Andy is very easy and totally customisable to the needs of each location.

  • Print customised labels
  • Indicate lot number
  • Log who prints each label
APPCC digital para la restauración organizada

Integrate the best labelling printers in the market

Andy integrates directly with the industry leader’s manufacture printer technology from the get go.

  • Quick printing
  • Uses manufacturer’s technology
  • Bluetooth, wifi, and cable connection.
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