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Digitise your HACCP according to local regulations

Take maximum benefits from food safety protocols with Andy

Food Safety as top priority

By digitising with Andy you can activate HACCP controls to effectively comply with food safety regulations.

  • Digitise your HAPPC
  • Trigger Corrective action plans
  • Ensure you comply with local laws
  • Practice food safety self-auditing
  • Train your team

Digitise control over your HACCP critical points

Digitising your HAPPC with Andy makes it easy to comply with mandatory logs to perfection. You may also activate automatic corrective action plans to streamline operations.

  • Record temperatures
  • Indicate an acceptable range
  • Indicate surveillance frequency
  • Prompt Corrective action plans
  • Keep all your logs safe

Boost trust among your most demanding clients

An efficient food safety monitoring across your locations is a great added value that increases trust among your customers.

  • Show your customers how you operate
  • Make your good practices visible
  • Attract a demanding audience with safety practices
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