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Food Safety Software for Organised Restaurant Chains

Andy’s smart solutions redefine the food safety management experience for organised restaurant chains.

  • Simplify critical hazard points management and legal compliance.
  • Streamline food labelling processes, ensuring accuracy.
  • Handle incidents with ease, and guarantee productivity and safety.
seguridad alimentaria para la restauración organizada

Food Labelling Software for Organised Restaurant Chains

Save your teams’ valuable time with Andy’s customisable labelling software. Ensure accurate and efficient food labelling and say goodbye to tedious and error-prone manual labelling!

  • Allergens made clear: Highlight allergens on labels, ensuring transparency and safety.
  • Time-saving efficiency: Print multiple labels at once, saving valuable time for your team.
  • Automatic expiry date calculation: Andy takes care of expiry dates, so you don’t have to.
  • Lightning-fast digital labelling: Experience labelling at least twice as fast as manual methods!
Etiquetado de caducidades para la restauración organizada
APPCC digital para la restauración organizada

HACCP Management Software for Organised Restaurant Chains

Achieve HACCP Mastery with Andy’s savvy software!

Digitise your teams’ tedious manual tasks, centralise control of all HACCP processes, and ensure unwavering compliance across all your restaurants!

  • Custom HACCP solutions: Tailor HACCP plans to meet the unique needs of your organised food establishments effortlessly.
  • Real-time compliance: Ensure real-time compliance with HACCP standards, providing a safer culinary experience for your customers.
  • Streamlined HACCP processes: Simplify HACCP processes, making it easier for kitchen teams to manage and monitor critical control points.

Incident Management Software for Organised Restaurant Chains

Prevent incidents and be incident-ready with Andy’s smart incident management software for organised restaurant chains.

  • Proactively handle incidents, ensuring safety and compliance.
  • Resolve incidents efficiently, contributing to continuous improvement and enhanced safety protocols.
  • Prevent chaos when machinery halts mid-service, ensuring a seamless dining experience.
  • Save money by keeping equipment up-to-date, optimising your budget for peak performance.
  • Make informed decisions on recycling or renewing equipment, maximising efficiency and sustainability.
Gestión de Incidencias para la restauración organizada

Andy guides and supports your teams in their daily food labelling, auditing, HACCP management, hygiene checklist, maintenance, and incident management tasks, ensuring the safety of the people who place their trust in your organised restaurant chain!

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