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Out-of-the-box Summer Food Safety Tips for Food Service Businesses

Out-of-the-box Summer Food Safety Tips for Food Service Businesses


Summer’s around the corner in the Northern Hemisphere, and while the temperatures are soaring, so is the risk of foodborne illness. 

With sizzling grills, bustling kitchens, and potential delays in outdoor dining, the foodservice industry needs to be extra vigilant about food safety practices. 

But fear not! 

Here are some unique and clever summer food safety tips to keep your patrons cool, safe, and coming back for seconds (without getting sick)!


Out-of-the-box Summer Food Safety Tips for Food Service Businesses



Use ice cube trays

Skip the flimsy plastic bags for storing prepped fruits and veggies. Freeze colorful ice cubes with edible flowers, herbs, or berries trapped inside. They’ll add a touch of summer flair while keeping things cool!

Consider using different size trays for different needs – large cubes for pitchers of water, smaller cubes for chilling containers.


Portion Control 

Pre-chilled, portioned containers minimise temperature fluctuation.

Consider investing in reusable containers made from insulated materials for optimal temperature control.

Instead of pre-portioning large batches of food, used smaller, pre-chilled containers as this minimises the time food spends in the “danger zone” 40°F (4.4°C) and 140°F (60°C) where bacteria thrive.





Marinades with acidic ingredients like citrus or vinegar can reduce bacteria by up to 50%.

So, why not create signature summery marinades with citrus juices, vinegars, or even yogurt for a tangy twist?

But remember, a marinade is not a substitute for proper cooking temperatures!


The power of two thermometers

Don’t rely on a single probe! Use a digital instant-read thermometer for internal food temperatures. For grill temperature, consider a wireless thermometer with an alarm that alerts you when the grill reaches the desired temperature.

This ensures consistent heat and eliminates guesswork when checking for doneness.


Chilling Out


Get creative with cooling stations

 Think beyond the traditional ice bath. Set up a dedicated “cooling chamber” with a small, dedicated fan to circulate cold air around take-out orders waiting for pick-up.

Ensure proper ventilation to prevent condensation buildup on food.


Infused Ice Water on Tap

This is a cost-effective way to add value and encourage hydration.

Experiment with different flavour combinations like cucumber-mint or watermelon-basil and offer refreshing, flavored ice water infused with seasonal fruits, herbs, or cucumber slices. It entices customers to stay hydrated while keeping them cool from the inside out!


Bonus Summer Food Safety Tip: Gamify food safety!


Weekly “Spot the Hazard” Challenge!

Post a photo in your employee break room highlighting a potential food safety hazard (like a cracked cutting board).

Challenges can be expanded to include quizzes or interactive training modules to reinforce food safety knowledge. Offer rewards like extra break time or gift certificates for participation.

The first employee to identify it wins a small prize!

It’s a fun way to keep staff engaged and vigilant.


Let your digital Summer Food Safety Assistant Andy do all the hard work!

 Fortunately, in today’s world, you don’t have to fight the summer heat alone.

 Andy, your digital food safety assistant can assist you and your teams with:


  • Automated temperature monitoring: No more scrambling for thermometers. Andy keeps a watchful eye on fridge and freezer temperatures, sending alerts if anything falls outside the safe zone.


  • Digital checklists and reminders: Streamline tasks and ensure nothing gets missed. Andy can send automated reminders for crucial steps like handwashing and equipment sanitation.


  • HACCP compliance made easy: Andy can guide you through HACCP protocols, ensure proper record-keeping, and generate reports with a few clicks.


With Andy by your side, you can focus on creating delicious summer fare while keeping your customers safe.

So, beat the heat, embrace food safety, and let Andy do the rest!


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