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Food Safety Labelling with Andy: all your questions answered!

Food Safety labelling with Andy


We’ve highlighted the numerous benefits that food safety labelling with Andy delivers to the hospitality and food service industries.

Higher efficiency, improvement in team productivity, employee satisfaction and substantial savings in time and resources for businesses are clear testimonies to the revolution that Andy has represented for this sector.

However, we know that, despite the praise and trust in our innovative tool, legitimate and reasonable questions arise.

As a company committed to providing effective solutions to our clients, we understand the importance of clarifying any concerns that may arise.

And that’s why, in this article, we have compiled the answers to the most Frequently Asked questions asked by our clientes about Andy food safety labelling.

Our goal is to provide clear and accurate information to facilitate decision-making and provide a complete understanding of how Andy can transform your operations.

So, let us clear up all your doubts.

Let’s get started!


Manual labelling vs food labelling with Andy: what are the advantages?

Where to begin?!

There are so many!

Manual food labelling had its merits in its day, and we certainly applaud the many hospitality employees who invested countless hours filling out labels, records, and many other documents necessary to comply with regulations.

Fortunately, those days are starting to come to an end.

Here are just some of the many benefits that come with the time saved by labelling digitally with Andy:


Unrivalled efficiency: Andy streamlines the labelling and information update process, freeing up time for more critical tasks.

Accuracy and consistency: Andy eliminates human errors and it ensures that information is consistent across all labels.

Real-time information: Andy provides instant access to crucial data on label status and product usage.

Resource saving: It reduces costs associated with manual food safety labelling and physical label management.


For a more detailed exploration of these benefits and a complete overview of how Andy can transform your operations, especially if you run a growing restaurant, a chain or franchise, or a foodservice business, we invite you to read this post in Andy’s blog,as it offers an in-depth look at how Andy compares to manual labelling and why it is the smart choice for businesses in these sectors.

So, now that we’ve established Andy’s advantages, let’s look at the doubts that may arise about its use.


Can I personalise Andy’s foodservice labels based on my business’ labelling needs?

Yes, of course!

Andy adapts its labelling to the specific needs of your business.

You can customise digital labels in several ways, including:

  • Design and style: You can adapt the design and appearance of the labels to match your brand’s aesthetic, incorporating logos, colours and custom fonts.
  • Information displayed: You have complete control over the information that appears on the labels, allowing you to include details such as product names, prices, barcodes and much more.
  • Language: Andy is able to display labels in multiple languages, which is especially useful in multicultural environments or to reach an international audience.

However, it is important to note that, in some cases, advanced customisation may require additional development.

This could include creating custom label templates or integrating with specific systems in your business.

To get a complete understanding of the customisation options and how they apply to your specific case, we recommend contacting Andy’s support team.

Our colleagues can provide you with specific guidance and discuss any additional customisation requirements, if necessary.


Food Safety Labelling with Andy

Does Andy provide real-time information on the status of digital labels and their usage?

Yes, Andy provides real-time information on the status of digital labels and how these are used in your business:

  • Automated updating: Andy automatically updates the content of the labels, which means that the information displayed on the labels accurately reflects the current status of the products or dishes. This avoids confusion and ensures that customers and staff always have accurate data.
  • Upcoming expiration dates: Andy’s traceability tool allows you to see the food that is expiring today, and the food that has already expired (displayed in red). This allows you to make informed decisions in a timely manner.
  • Detailed reports: Andy’s Control Panel provides detailed reports on label usage and related activity. This allows you to analyse trends and make data-driven decisions to improve your operation.
  • Mobile access: Real-time information is accessible from mobile devices, giving you flexibility and visibility even when you’re not at work, saving you time and hassle.


What type of data and analytics do I get with Andy’s Food Safety Labelling tool? 

Digital labelling with Andy offers a wealth of data and analysis that are essential for the management and growth of your business:

  • Label history: Andy’s food labelling tool stores the history of previous labels, making it easy to review past information and identify patterns over time.
  • Expiry date tracking: Andy alerts you to products that are nearing their expiry date, which minimises food waste and ensures customer safety.
  • Performance reports: Andy provides detailed reports that help you assess the performance and efficiency of your operation.
  • Cost analysis: You can accurately calculate the costs of raw materials and dishes, which helps you to optimise your profit margins.

Access to this data and analysis gives you a significant competitive advantage in the competitive foodservice industry, allowing you to make decisions based on solid data and optimise your operations for greater success.

Is it possible to manage and update digital labels for multiple branches or stores from a single centralised platform?

Yes, Andy makes managing and updating digital labels across multiple branches or locations an efficient and centralized process. This functionality is particularly valuable for businesses with an extended geographical presence.

Some of the benefits of managing and updating digital labels from a single centralized platform include:


  • Consistency: You can ensure that labels across all your branches display uniform and up-to-date information, reinforcing your brand consistency.
  • Time-saving: There is no need to perform manual updates at each location. Modifications can be made simultaneously from Andy’s centralised platform.
  • Control and security: You will have complete control over who can make changes to digital labels, which improves data security.
  • Ease of scalability: Adding new stores or branches to the centralised platform is straightforward, making it easy to expand your business.
  • Real-time information: You can access real-time information about the status of labels across all your stores or from a single store.

The ability to manage and update digital labels centrally ensures that your operations run efficiently and consistently across all stores.



How can you ensure the accuracy and consistency of the information displayed on digital labels, especially in high-product turnover environments?

Accuracy and consistency in digital label information are critical, especially in high-product turnover environments in the hospitality and food service industry.
With Andy, there are several practices and tools that can help ensure that information remains accurate and uniform:


Update automation:  Andy automates label updates, which minimises common human errors in manual updating. This ensures that the information always reflects the current status of the products or dishes.

 Predefined templates and formats:  Using templates and formats predefined by the Andy team or your team for labels ensures that information is structured consistently across all labels.

 Regular audits:  Conduct regular audits to review the information on the labels and ensure it is up-to-date and accurate. Andy provides a label history to facilitate this process.

 Staff training:  Ensure that your staff is trained to use the digital labelling platform effectively and follow update procedures.

 Implementing Update Policies:  Establish clear policies and procedures for updating labels, including when and who can make changes.


What customisation options for the design and appearance of digital labels are there available? Can logos or branding elements be added to the labels?

Andy allows for extensive customisation options to adapt the design and appearance of digital labels according to your business’ visual identity.

Some of the customisation options include:

  • Brand logo: You can add your business logo to digital labels, which reinforces your brand identity and helps customers recognise your business instantly.
  • Size and format: Adjust the size and format of the labels according to your preferences and specific needs. Many customers ask us, for example, to highlight secondary expiry dates in bold or to increase the size of a certain field.

These customisation options allow you to maintain a consistent and professional brand presence across all digital labels, which contributes to strengthening your business recognition and improving the customer experience.


Can I print from any printer?

To print digital labels with Andy, you must use printers that are certified or compatible with the platform. This guarantees smooth integration and the necessary print quality for the labels to be legible and visually appealing.

Printers certified by Andy are configured to work with the platform and offer the reliability and performance necessary for the effective management of digital labels in the food service sector.

It is important to verify the specifications and compatibility of your printer with Andy before implementing the solution in your business. This ensures that you get the best results and avoid incompatibility issues that may arise when trying to print digital labels with a non-certified printer.

For more information on Andy-approved labels, please visit our Help Centre.


Remember that Andy is constantly listening to customers to improve the functionalities of the different tools that make up the digital assistant used on a daily basis by leading hospitality and foodservice brands everywhere.

Try Andy now and discover the many benefits of having Andy’s food labelling tool in your kitchens!




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