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Andy: Your Ultimate HACCP and Hygiene Checklists Companion

Empowering your staff with easy-to-use digital food safety checklists,
our platform guides them through food safety and hygiene checks effortlessly:  from HACCP compliance to health and safety in the kitchen, Andy covers all aspects of safe food handling and preparation.

Pre-built Easy-to-Use Digital Checklist

Our Pre-Shift Checklist sets the stage for a successful day, leaving no room for compromise.

  • Empower your staff with a user-friendly digital food safety checklist, guiding them step by step through our pre-built monthly and quarterly safety and hygiene checklists. 
  • Get a fast overview of planned and implemented food and hygiene checks, ensuring every crucial detail is covered.
  • Streamline operations with opening checks, closing checks, fridge & freezer temperature checks, allergen separation, and hot food temperature checks.

Digital Temperature Logs

Complete temperature checks faster than ever with Andy’s digital temperature logs.

  • Instantly record temperature data, increasing employee efficiency and productivity.
  • Stay fully compliant without sacrificing speed, ensuring your operation never misses a beat.
  • Tailor your HACCP and Hygiene checklists to your specific needs with our flexible editing feature, making Andy the perfect fit for your unique requirements.
  • Get automated temperature notifications, keeping you informed of any deviations from critical limits.
  • Centralise all temperature readings with easy accessibility in just two clicks, streamlining your data management.

Assign Tasks and Track Progress Effortlessly

  • Customise tasks according to your team’s workflow and assign them seamlessly to team members.
  • Andy automatically fills monitoring sheets, freeing up time for more critical responsibilities.
  • Rest easy knowing the right person will receive task prompts at the right time, ensuring crucial tasks are never overlooked.

Daily/ Weekly/ Monthly/Quarterly Checks Simplified

Stay organised with pre-built checks, effortlessly managing essential tasks and deadlines.

  • Ensure smooth operations with our Pre-Shift Checklist, setting the stage for a successful day.
  • Rest assured with our comprehensive daily food safety checklists and HACCP and Hygiene checklists, covering every aspect of food handling and preparation.
  • Stay on top of your oil changes, keeping your equipment running at its best for longer.
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